Coming to you LIVE from way off off off off Broadway…Hollywood… Beautiful Burbank! ...Where even the untalented can become famous and obscenely rich with their own clothing line…This June Encore Vocal Ensemble of San Diego brings you LOSERS, a choral showcase of the music of stage, screen, and TV that were nominated for major awards…but didn’t win!

Encore will showcase the talent of composers and artists who were completely ripped off at the 1st Annual Losie Awards! There will be lots of glamour, long-winded speeches, crocodile tears, and a few drunken spills…And that’s just on the red carpet, where we’re not afraid to ask the tough and deeply delving questions like: WHO are you wearing?

Encore Vocal Ensemble of San Diego brings to life compelling new hits from modern Broadway, contemporary films, and classic favorites from the golden age of theatre. Encore brings you to the front row for your favorites in modern musical theatre!

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